Thursday, July 2, 2009

GayPatriot: The Primary Difference Between Sarah Palin and Barack Obama

As GayPatriotWest / Dan Blatt mentions, there are many. He suggest though the primary one is “six months of briefing books and town halls.”

I tried not to laugh, and I’m not even sure why GayPatriot is bringing this up as a post topic, but I’ve decided to post my own “difference between Palin and Obama.”

Sarah Palin Barack Obama
Youth Born in Idaho and raised in Wasilla, AK, attending local schools; parents were a school secretary and teacher Born in Honolulu, his father a Kenyan national, grew up in Indonesia and Honolulu, went to private prep schools; mother was an anthropologist
Education Four undergraduate colleges finally resulting in a journalism degree from the University of Idaho Columbia University majoring in poli-sci specializing in international relations; Harvard Law school J.D. Magna cum laude, editor and first black president of the Harvard Law Review
Early Career Winner of the Miss Alaska pageant, sports reporter for a local TV station Director of Developing Communities Project for the Catholic church; significantly increased the budget and staff, instructor for other community organizations, traveled to Europe and Kenya
Later Career Mayor of Wasilla, appointed to Alaska Oil & Gas Commission, director of Ted Stevens Excellence in Public Service, Inc.; governor of Alaska University of Chicago Law constitutional law professor; board member and director for several community development organizations; attorney for firm specializing in civil rights litigation, state senator, United States senator; President of the United States
Family Eloped with husband Todd, an oil field production operator and commercial fisherman, in 1988, four children and one grandchild Married wife Michelle, a lawyer and community organization leader, in 1992, two daughters

So yes, I do see some significant differences between the two.

But the biggest one I see? He won, and she lost.

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Ian S said...

Now you can add another: She's a quitter and he isn't! Heh-heh. Wonder if there's a juicy scandal in the works - maybe she and Sanford were getting it on!