Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What do you get when you only reference yourself? GayPatriot!

So I’m amused today by GayPatriotWest/Dan Blatt’s faux hyperventilation about the lack of response by mainstream gay rights groups to President Obama’s Cairo speech.

See apparently they were supposed to be outraged, OUTRAGED!, by what he didn’t say in the speech. Specifically the President was to call on Islamic countries to stop persecuting gay men and women for their sexuality in the speech. And because he didn’t, and the mainstream gay rights groups didn’t call him on it, Dan can continue to rest easy in his boy-in-a-bubble conservatism, as always knowing he’s right about the world – conservatives are the caring ones, progressives are just intellectual phonies.

And how does he support his supposition in the post? Well he’s got lots of references… to his own posts. Literally only to his own posts. Four of them. To his own rambling musings. In the post itself, he doesn’t even acknowledge outside sources of information. And then when you go to his own posts he cites to support his original post, those links are to similar conservative editorial outlets of the “I’ve never heard of them” variety.  Here’s a list of the outlets he cites:

  • The Fairfacts Media Show/No Minister Blog (a blogger named “Darren”); both blogs are based in New Zealand
  • Political Vindication (to a post from two years ago)
  • GOProud - duh
  • Dr. Melissa Coulthier (a chiropractor)

Now of the “we’ve actually heard of them” variety:

  • Instapundit, but only because it refers to a posting on…
  • Politico; the same article is referenced twice through different outlets

The Politico article, about the only thing to take seriously from the Dan’s ridiculous editorials, mentions a growing concern – that the gay community is not seeing action on a variety of issues they expected to get resolved by the new administration. I’m not sure how that specifically relates to the persecution of gays in Iraq…

But back to the heart of Dan’s post, that mainstream gay organizations are failing those they represent by not taking the President to task for not calling out Islamic countries on their treatment of gay men and women.

Like conservative organizations - GOPRoud and… and…

Well there was progressive blogger Wayne Besen recently and a host of other organizations that protested at the Iraqi consulate here in NY a few weeks back. But gosh, I don’t remember seeing any conservative groups there. Oh and I guess there was HRC’s involvement in Council for Global Equality and advocacy to the State Department and the Embassy in Baghdad.

And then of course there is IGLHRC, the international organization that advocates for gay rights around the world. They are an incredibly conservative organization, right?

But the President said nothing. It’s not like he signed a UN declaration endorsing gay rights like the Bush administration refused to sign, right? And President Bush and other Republicans were much better leaders on this even though they never mentioned anything about the treatment of gay men and women in Iraq either during Bush’s entire presidency. And it’s not like an elected, openly gay Democratic representative went to Iraq on a fact finding mission that investigated these issues, right?

I mean surely conservatives are leading the way on this issue. It’s not like the mainstream media, advocacy groups or other gay blogs ever report on it, right? I would totally find advocacy and specific efforts from conservative and Republican groups on this issue beyond a press release from GOProud, right?

Sadly no. I would only find that kind of advocacy in the self-referencing imagination of a gay conservative blogger who insulates himself from the rest of the world to protect his ideals from criticism.

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