Monday, June 15, 2009

Gays In Iraq

It was just days ago when GayPatriotWest was INDIGNANT that President Obama specifically did not speak about the treatment of gay men and women who were suffering in Iraq and other Muslim countries. He and GOProud took the opportunity to soundly criticize the President for something they felt was a SIGNIFICANT oversight.

As I point out though, it’s only GOPround and  GayPatriot that have ever advocated this issue on the Right where numerous organizations on the Left had done this kind of work for years before GOProud and GayPatriot decided it was good fodder for political points.

Now with a story at Queerty, we see how the previous administration barely even threw a bone to the issue. How' is it that GayPatriot et al suddenly criticizes the Obama administration when they regularly ignored the same kind of criticism during the Bush administration?

Or is it just politics as usually for the GayPatriot/GOProud crowd?

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