Monday, June 22, 2009

GayPatriotWest: Exactly Who is “Flaunting” Their Ignorance (and Bias)?

Poor Dan Blatt must not have been able to avoid an actual face-to-face conversation with a real unapologetic lefty this weekend. In his post “Flaunting Ignorance as Evidence of Intellectual Superiority” he mentions having a conversation with a “left-wing liberal” who had a strong opinion about Republicans and their anti-gay sentiments. Well Danny-boy of course took the opportunity to expound in the post on how he felt the Left was just ignorant about conservative Republicans, how of course they were not anti-gay, and how liberals who offer comments on his blog indiscriminately “demonize” the GOP without cause. Dan was sure this person was “ignorant” getting most of his news from “MSNBC and the coverage on leftist blogs.”

You’ll have to excuse me if I find this highly ironic and comical. Here we have a post on GayPatriot attacking a critic for being ignorant, selective in their information sources and intellectually dishonest in their rhetoric. Isn’t this exactly what GayPatriotWest / Dan Blatt does regularly?

As I’ve pointed out numerous times, whenever Dan feels actually inclined to support his editorial posts, he often only cites himself in his other editorialized posts. If not referencing himself, he’ll reference blogs found from searches on Pajamas Media that no one has ever heard of written by people with credentials as dubious as he. These individuals often cite other similarly dubious blogs and resources only eventually getting back to a real mainstream news posting.

If not biased, shifty bloggers, GayPatriotWest then uses other biased Right-wing outlets like National Review, The Weekly Standard, Commentary Magazine, Newsbusters, et al. For someone criticizing “left-wing liberals” for watching MSNBC and reading leftist blogs, he doesn’t really represent a mainstream alternative when cheerleading Fox News’ ratings and limiting his online references to exclusively right-wing conservative outlets. His blogroll can give you a fairly obvious picture of the bias, his references even more so.

But what really sticks in my craw is GayPatriotWest’s intellectual dishonesty. Especially with his references to other blogs, the eventual news item at the heart of the argument is often misreported or misrepresented in the first place. He himself never takes the time to look at the actual news, just the highly diluted and politicized version of it. These blogs will take mainstream items and selectively quote, editorialize, or flat-out misrepresent the content. I’ve had to wade through layer after layer of commentary, like a rotten onion, to get to any real grain of news when reviewing the references on GayPatriot.

More often than not though, he just extemporaneously makes up the reality of his commentary from his world view, nothing more.

This man was convinced that anti-gay attitudes would end if the Republican Party stopped promoting them. I hated to tell him this, while, the GOP may from time to time appeal to social conservatives by opposing policies popular among the gay left (and even the gay middle and right), our party is not the source of such attitudes.

Well last time I checked, the GOP does a little more than a “time to time appeal” to social conservatives. Whether by the Republican revolution in the early 1990s or electing George Bush (twice) with the coalition of “values voters,” the GOP is beholden to these conservatives as their base. And it’s for that reason the GOP’s party platform for 2008 specifically supported DOMA, DADT, and a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage while pointedly not including language about gay men and women in their statement on “Equal Treatment for All.” These are all issues that received the opposite treatment in the Democratic platform.

If the GOP includes very specific anti-gay bias in their party platform, how can Dan say with a straight face, “our party is not the source of such attitudes?” The GOP doesn’t acknowledge gay men and women as a minority morally deserving of anti-discrimination laws, they definitely don’t want us to get married and will change the constitution to keep it that way and they sure as hell do not want to get ass-raped by us in an army shower… The GOP fundamentally embraces anti-gay sentiments and policies, but it’s not the “source” of it, so somehow that makes it OK?

That’s why GayPatriotWest is once again completely disingenuous and intellectually dishonest in this argument. If he’s truly not aware of his own party’s sentiment on these issues, he’s obviously turning a blind eye. How is possible to trust Dan’s judgment at all in the editorial format of GayPatriot when it’s obvious that he’s flaunting his own ignorance (and bias)?

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