Wednesday, June 17, 2009

GayPatriot: Hawkish Iran Military Stance Despite Historical Record

Playing on the sympathies of the ignorant, GayPatriotWest/Dan Blatt today made the assertion that our President was detrimentally apathetic and/or naive on the situation in Iran and that we should take action to institute regime change. For someone working on a Master’s in mythology, a supposed student of history, it’s almost jaw-dropping to see him take this position, until you factor in the know-nothing certitude of being a neoconservative.

To simply look at the history of the United States and Iran it’s easy to see how our meddling in the affairs of the country have not only changed policies to the detriment of the Iranian people but have spoiled diplomatic relations between us. In 1953 with the Eisenhower administration, we established a course of odious events still unfolding today. We put our own interests ahead of the interests of a sovereign nation, methodically instituting a regime change in the country, arsenic in the well of United States/Iran relations.

But looking at the situation of today, not only is the opposition to the government in Iran not asking for our support, most experts familiar with the situation flat-out acknowledge how detrimental taking that step would be. Consider the potential fall-out. If we were to support the resistance and they not succeed in their efforts, we have an even angrier, suspicious and vengeful government in Iran with which to deal. If we support the resistance and they were to succeed, we still have a very large and destabilizing force within a newly unstable Iran itself and negative sentiment that would proliferate through the whole of the Middle East. As I noted before, we still don’t have a clear indication that Ahmedinejad’s opponent is significantly different and more progressive to put our own national security at risk on this gamble. More importantly, and what GayPatriotWest blithely ignores, is that we are generally not a welcome presence in Iran by any faction, though young people have been more receptive than in the past.

But it still leaves me gob-smacked to see people like GayPatriotWest cheerleading this kind of pre-emptive regime change effort. You’d think that after eight years of similar policy that has left us with the mess of Afghanistan and Iraq, conservatives would at least think twice before advocating meddling in Iran’s sovereign affairs. It should be clear to anyone who stopped to consider the forces at work that a slow and steady approach to the conflict there will lead to more long-term positive results, both for US interests and the Iranian people. Reform has to be initiated by the people of a country first and foremost for it to be fundamental and lasting. GayPatriotWest though would have us be the democracy police of the world when we have no authority and the results more likely than not would cause further harm to the country we’d like to help and our own interest as well. GayPatriotWest’s advice seems wholly unpatriotic, putting a slavish neoconservative devotion to “democracy” in the abstract above our national interests. It’s simply another opportunity for politicking the neoconservative cause at the expense of America.

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