Thursday, June 11, 2009

GayPatriot – Don’t Politicize the Holocaust Shooting Because It Would Implicate Right-Wing

GayPatriotWest/Dan Blatt pleads that we shouldn’t politicize the recent shooting at the Holocaust Museum in DC because the shooter in question wasn’t tied to any specific organization; he was an individual acting alone. It seems his words are to exonerate the Right-wing more than anything else.

What fallacies in his completely editorial post. It’s most certainly a growing movement and the shooter was representative of extremist Right-wing thought and propaganda. Dan objects that if you’re not specifically associated with a Right-wing organization you can’t be considered a Right-wing terrorist, just a one-off kind of non-partisan terrorist. It’s incorrect to think this individual was not part of racist Right-wing organizations. He has a 40 year history of participation in activities and writings with a number of racist groups.

The Tennessee church shooter, the murderer of Dr. George Tiller, the cop killer in Pittsburgh and now this recent violent act at the Holocaust Museum are following a worrying trend reported on at the Rachel Maddow show, that Right-wing violence is on the rise. She recently explored how anti-choice activists are becoming more bold in their actions and how statistically Right-wing violence increases with Democratic presidents. This combined with the frenzy of gun and ammunition buying by the paranoid Right-wing and the recent denunciation of the DHS report on Right-wing extremism can only lead to one conclusion, that the Right-wing is implicitly associated with these kinds of actions. It may be an individual or small group of people carrying out such actions, but it’s the whole of a larger group, with conservative rhetoric and writings priming the violence, that absolutely are at fault.

What we must refrain from is ignoring the words and rhetoric of the Right-wing that lead to this kind of violence. The Southern Poverty Law center notes 60 Right-wing terrorist plots from the 1990s to today, and how they did or were intended to kill individuals. They also note that while Left-wing plots have also been conceived and carried out, causing much property damage, they’ve never incurred a fatality. Left-wing domestic terrorism is in the distinct minority both regarding actual plots and the threat to the lives of others. To be sure, this is a Right-wing problem and we should address it as such, not try to whitewash it like GayPatriotWest suggests.

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