Friday, June 12, 2009

Does GayPatriotWest Recognize His Own Double Standards

So GayPatriotWest/Dan Blatt has himself all in a tizzy about just how mean David Letterman was to Governor Sarah Palin. “How dare he!” as he clutches the string of pearls given to him by Peggy Noonan. Today’s post about the controversy is about a supposed mainstream media double standard in not being more critical of Letterman.

Just to get it out there, I’m definitely not a fan of the governor, I think she deserves most of the criticism she receives, but I also felt Letterman missed the mark – the governor strives for a naughty librarian look, not a slutty air stewardess, and he’s assuming Palin’s daughter isn’t already knocked up and just not showing yet.


Seriously though, Letterman was a little over the top but I think it’s clear to anyone who watches him even a little that there is no love lost between him and the Bush administration and other Republicans/conservatives of that ilk. “He’s joking about statutory rape!” the Republican/conservatives bemoan. Well a) it was a joke and b) we’re talking about a family with an unwed teenage daughter who got pregnant at 16 so…

But what strikes me most about GayPatriotWest’s vehement accusation of double standards is his failure at recognizing his own double standard.

When the Carrie Prejean controversy was happening, and GayPatriotWest was about the only one still writing about it (endlessly), he was VERY UPSET that poor Ms. Prejean was being attacked for her opinion on gay marriage. He failed to comment however on the main reason the leaders of the California pageant were asking Donald Trump to dismiss her, that she was violating terms of her contractual agreement. As most mainstream comments on the controversy noted, it was contractual issues and not the controversy on gay marriage at the heart at the consideration of removing her from her appointment. So finally when Mr. Trump sees the extent of the interactions (or rather non-interactions) between Prejean and the pageant directors recently, after he expressly gave her a second chance to redeem herself on those issues, he’d had enough. As documented in email posted on the Fox News website, it was evident that Prejean was determined to do whatever she decided, regardless of her obligations and the contract she had with the pageant. The pageant director himself on Larry King mentioned how they now only contact her through lawyers and vice-versa, hers of course also the counsel for NOM.

So I’m still waiting to see, which I’m sure will not happen, if GayPatriotWest will reconsider his views on the matter to recognize his own double standards on the Prejean matter, and how they relate to his accusation of a mainstream media double standard. If the mainstream media underreports a story about a comedian making a tasteless joke about a conservative Republican politician, it’s a double standard. But if GayPatriotWest only assumes persecution on Ms. Prejean’s behalf due to her views on gay marriage, it’s completely unbiased.

Mainstream media cares less about tasteless joke about conservative= MEDIA BIAS!

Gay blogger proposes bigoted beauty queen being fired for personal views on gay marriage (e.g. “the wrath of the left”) = UNBIASED!

His double standard on the bounced bimbo goes further to suppose that pageant directors were the bad guys all along. He’s refused to consider her answer, while biased, was inarticulate and with so little grace to relegate her to runner-up despite the content of the answer. He also fails to note how it was Prejean herself, unprompted, the very next morning claiming she was runner-up because of the content of her answer with absolutely no basis for her claim.

If GayPatriotWest wanted to be truthful about double standards, rather than further his political philosophies, he needs to start with himself unless now maybe the party of Reagan is all about moronic beauty queens – with or without a title.

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