Monday, May 11, 2009

We’re Over Carrie “Opposite Sex” Prejean Already; Why Isn’t GayPatriot?

I didn’t want to talk about this. The controversy is as weak as reused tea bags (pun intended) but GayPatriotWest/Dan Blatt has been harping day after day about the injurious campaign against Ms. Prejean. Oh those mean, unreasonable liberals. They are being vicious and trying to hurt her for just speaking her mind!

First, let’s clarify something in that there is no particular campaign against Prejean. There’s no organized response to her statement at the Miss USA pageant. There’s no advocacy group against her, no ban, no organized letter writing effort…there’s no campaign. The media continue to hype the story, as is the case in modern times with any celebrity scandal. True to her notoriously dumb answer though, Prejean continues to ride the media wave of this attention further aligning herself with anti-gay marriage advocacy groups. Most, if not all, of her current problems are with the pageant organization, not liberal or gay groups. We may think she’s a dense bigot but we don’t have a work contract with her nor do we think enough of her to think she’s worth doing anything about. It’s companies like Fox News and TMZ that are getting anything out of this, and frankly the pageant itself too. The only bad PR is no PR right?

And while it’s not too hard of a stretch to see the release of her topless photos as retribution for her comments at the pageant, Miss Prejean did sign an agreement that covered such scenarios and spelled out the actions she could face. She lied to the organizers when she signed that agreement. She further has violated that agreement by entering into a relationship with NOM, her pageant contract specifically prohibiting alliances and advocacy with groups beyond the arm of the pageant organization.

It says more about NOM, conservatives and the anti-gay marriage movement when they embrace and encourage Miss Prejean, then when they hyperventilate about the supposed treatment she’s received. Her response to the question at the pageant was ugly, rambling, ill-conceived and inconsiderate. And from what I understand she was aware that this particular question very well might be asked. There were innumerable ways Prejean could have chosen to answer the question so it fully calls her character into question. When you learn she posed for sexually suggestive photos, while her church’s website has very specific anti-gay commentary what are you to take from that? The bible tells her to hate gays but it’s OK to pose topless for Jesus and get money for being objectified through beauty pageants? What exactly is there to respect about her opportunistic ways? NOM is trying to take advantage of the situation like every other character in this charade of stagecraft.


So GayPatriot, like Carrie Prejean, is milking it for all the PR they can. It’s probably about the only recent issue to get much attention beyond the scope of their regulars. It’s something they can unequivocally be right about since it’s all opinion. And it’s not surprising they would choose to defend bigotry under the guise of free speech. How long can you draw out this particular string of bull though? Cause it seems the only one not over it is GayPatriotWest.