Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Surely GOProud Will Be All Over This Story

So a lot of left-leaning blogs and news outlets are covering stories of the treatment of gay men and women in Muslim countries recently. We’ve seen several highlighting the horrible treatment and swift execution of gay men and women accused of homosexuality in the span of a few days. So it was particularly distressing to hear of a story of gangs in Iraq that go around, abduct men accused of homosexual behavior, superglue their anuses shut and then force them to drink diarrhea-inducing substances that cause their slow and painful death.

GOProud, the conservative splinter group from Log Cabin Republicans, claims one of their platform items is to “fight global extremists” especially in the persecution of gay men and women in Muslim countries.

Now I’ve written that this is basically an excuse for hawkish military policy and has little to do with human rights advocacy for gay men and women. But will this newly formed group join with other left-leaning organizations like International Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC), who first reported the story, to address issues like this?

IGLHRC is sending letters to top Iraqi officials and advocating to the United Nations for intervention. But with GOProud, their only answer seems to be military intervention. The problem is how can you more militarily intervene when your previous military intervention installed a government that ignores these atrocities?

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