Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Response to GayPatriotWest Regarding Gay Marriage

GayPatriotWest/Dan Blatt is forever proposing new hoops and stipulations that he feels should be required before gay marriage.

He's never explicitly advocated the repeal of DOMA. He's regularly criticized judicial branches of state governments for ruling state DOMAs unconstitutional. He's reluctantly acknowledged the "executive fiat" of Democratic New York Governor Paterson recognizing out-of-state gay marriages but explicitly praised Republican Governor Schwarzenegger for his two vetoes of state laws recognizing gay marriage as an example of good government. He criticized and called for the resignation of gay leaders because their effort to stop Prop 8 was unsuccessful. The only effort he's fully applauded was the Vermont law which not only needed to be passed by the Democratic legislature, but needed a second vote to override a Republican governor's veto.

But even with that, GayPatriotWest seems to have a deep-seated view that gay men and women are really unworthy of marriage since as a population we're just a bunch of hedonistic polyamorists unable of committing to the monogamy that so defines heterosexual marriage. (He's been to vegas, right?) He literally has a post category called "(Gay) Male Sexuality & the Monogamous Ideal."

He constantly criticizes any and all reason for gay marriage based on specious governmental and moral ideals completely ignoring factors of civil liberty and equality. Noting he calls himself a little "l" libertarian, does it make any sense why he seems so vehemently in favor of the roadblocks toward gay marriage where he should be advocating government out of the marriage business altogether?

Or perhaps, like nearly all of the tripe on GayPatriot, the conflict on the issue stems from within his own conflicted psyche? As the talented comedian Wanda Sykes said of gay marriage, "if you have a problem with gay marriage, just don't get gay married." By his own admission, I don't think this is a possibility Dan has to worry about anytime soon, so it might be helpful if he left such arguments to those actually in relationship where marriage rights would have such an effect. I'd rather hear from suburban, middle-class gay conservatives in long-term relationships than from a partisan, effete conservative agent who can't seem to get a date in that gay wasteland of West Hollywood.

As George Elliot said, "An ass may bray a good while before he shakes the stars down."

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Anonymous said...

ha. gpw is a hypocritical douchebag.