Friday, April 10, 2009

NYC Protest Over Gay Executions - Where Were the Republigays?

I just posted an article highlighting the creation of the new organization by GayPatriot/Bruce, noting one of their stated agenda priorities was improving the situation of executions of gay men and women in Islamic countries for homosexuality. That's why it was with such interest I saw this report of a protest at the Iraqi mission in New York City doing exactly that. I wondered if it was spearheaded by gay Republicans for whom this issue is apparently such a priority.

Alas, or as expected, the rhetoric doesn't meet the road. All those participating seem to be of the left-leaning persuasion, Wayne Besen, World of Wonder blog, Gilbert Baker the creator of the rainbow flag...even the gay Catholics were there in the form of Dignity New York. But where were the gay Republicans?

Now granted they may not have known about it. They may not have been invited. But I can't personally think of another demonstration of this kind spearheaded by gay Republicans themselves or frankly Republicans otherwise. It seems odd they use such an issue as a basis for their ugly accusations toward the left of being unconcerned about gay men and women in Islamic countries while they've not shown any results or even any work on this issue at all. Am I wrong about this? What have gay Republicans specifically done about this issue?


Ian S said...

Before I was banned from GayPatriot, I often questioned them on why they were so rabid about the homohatred in Iran (where we have no influence) but ignored the virulent and deadly homohatred in Iraq, the country we were occupying and in which we presumable had quite a bit of influence. I don't think Bruce appreciated that line of questioning.

Ultimately though what really appeared to tick him off were my tweaks about how McCain might not be so bad and then listing all the things for which he was reviled by the true wingnuts.

If I have time next Wednesday, maybe I'll make up a sign "Teabagger or Teabaggee?" and go to the teabagging event here in Phoenix.

Scott said...

It's fucking hilarious that last year, Gay Patriot started bitching about gay bloggers not making a fuss about the Iraqi gay hangings......MONTHS AFTER GAY BLOGGERS HAD ALREADY STARTED REPORTING ON THE HANGINGS!!

They were like "WHERE ARE YOU?!?!? WHERE ARE YOU?!?!?"

Seriously, it was like a retard complaining in 2008 that nobody was making a fuss about 9/11, when the attacks in fact happened in 2001.

And you thought Corky from "Life Goes On" was slow!

Countervail said...

Well exactly. The GayPatriot crowd regularly bitch about the treatment of gays in Muslim countries because it's a Republican talking point, but they don't do anything about it except use it as a political club to bash Democrats with.

I would love to see a whole counter protest with signs about teabagging America!

And guys, you're always welcome here where I don't ban people from speaking their mind when it differs with my thoughts.

Their is something screwy that happens in a conservative's head. I go back to the studies that have found conservatives were more jumpy and reactionary than liberals.