Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lies from Lying Liars

Every conservative blog reporting about the Tea Bag protests has posted counter arguments to criticisms about the protests as being nothing more than hissy-fits. Well all you have to do is read the signage at such events to know it’s not true.

Conservatives pose these rallies are not anti-tax rallies. And yet I clearly see signs that say “T.E.A. – Taxed Enough Already.” Am I to get some other meaning out of that when we’ve just seen a reduction in taxes for working class people? They seem to want to eliminate the IRS, the SEC and Federal Treasury. This is also acknowledging that the United States has one of the lowest total tax revenues as a percentage of GDP of most large industrialized countries.

“We the people don’t want bigger governments” and yet the Republican majorities supported a 45% increase in federal spending the first five years of President Bush’s administration with little protest.

They say the protests are not anti-Obama and do not seek to demonize him and yet there’s a sign that says “Insatiable, Insidious, Unsustainable – Diminish the Beast” with I think a picture of President Obama. Further I see postings about rantings of “secret societies” like the “Masons” and they still think the President is not the president because they’ve not personally validated his birth certificate.

They goes on and on about how “our” [read conservatives/Republicans] country is becoming like France [filled with delicious chocolate, cheese and wine?], a socialist state, a fascist state, and that Washington, D.C. stands for “District of Communism.”

They just want to throw the “bumbs” – yes you read that right – out of office.

These protests are ridiculous, the sentiments totally self-serving and out of touch and we’re stupid to pay them any bit of serious attention or consideration.

P.S. The morons didn’t get permits for some of the planned activities today in Washington, D.C. even attempting to illegally dump their tea bags before city police stopped them. One protestor threw a box of tea over the White House fence prompting a full lockdown of the area.

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