Saturday, April 18, 2009

Inflating Tea Bag Party Numbers

Conservative, Republicans, but especially gay Republicans in the form of are inflating the numbers of individuals attending the recent Tea Bag Party rallies.

Nate Silver of, the eminent statistician/blogger who correctly predicts anything from presidential races to the Final Four has sourced the number to just over 300,000. Why should you trust this? Well he's tracked down specific numbers from non-partisan sources and actually linked to those sources to review.

However, on the Right they hypothetically post anywhere from 500,000 to unrealistically 800,000. No sources. And on they pose it really should count as a million using some illogical reasoning of comparing it to a recent Democratic signature drive supporting the President's economic recovery effort.

And just to keep things in perspective? The current US population is just over 300,000,000 making the attendance of the tea bag party rallies at about 0.1%. That's 0.1% of the entire population trying to change the entire conversation about United States economics. Fox News is trumpeting their alliance to an event encompassing 0.1% of the population pretending this is statistically significant. Republican and conservative blogs are trashing essentially anyone they don't agree with with 0.1% participation in this tea bag rally.


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