Sunday, April 19, 2009

GayPatriotWest: Tolerate Our Intolerance, But We're Not Playing the Victim Card

I can't tell you how tired I am of this canard at that a) liberals should tolerate the intolerance of gay Republicans/conservatives and b) that gay Republicans/conservatives don't further play the victim when they complain about it. This article, which claims to not complain about being criticize, does just that and then attempts to discredit the the source.

I've written article after article how they use this effect of victimization to insert themselves into the larger conversation. They challenge that liberals, as proponents of tolerance, are obligated to consider the views, normally intolerant views, of Republicans, of conservatives, and especially gay conservatives. Current Republican and conservative philosophy is of privatized privilege, protection of the civil liberties of a privileged few, protectionism of the wealthy, hawkish and over-extended military world policing, devolution of government... I could go on and on but essentially they advocate anything we've found to either not work or essentially make issues worse in politics and government.

Republicans and conservatives, and gay Republicans and conservatives, have not shown a shred of evidence why we should listen to them. If anything they've shown exactly why we shouldn't listen to them. And I'm tired of being baited by them, accused of being intolerant, just so they can still participate in damaging public policy to the benefit of their personal political philosophy.

"In the ocean of baseness, the deeper we get, the easier the sinking." - James Russell Lowell

Gay Republicans and conservatives pull the debate to the bottom, guilt the Left into allowing them help save the ship, and their solution is to pour more water into the boat.

And we're not talking about normal, everyday gay men and women who happen to have conservative natures. These are people that have to form a splinter group, GOProud, because Log Cabin Republicans are just not conservative enough. They regularly advocate public policy that would devolve the progress gay activists have made for the public tolerance of gay men and women. They want to protect the privacy of closeted gay politicians who advocate blocking or rescinding gay rights policy. These individuals at GayPatriot and similar websites are at the core neoconservatives and as such they do the opposite of what they're complaining about - they are intolerant of the Left's tolerance.

Like the religious Right, they use a similar canard with other conservatives and Republicans. They guilt other conservatives and Republicans into taking hard line stances by playing the RINO card. A minority of a minority, they wield power within their own party by guilting others of not being conservative enough.

It has to stop. Like I mentioned in another article on the number of people participating in the tea bag rallies, gay conservatives and Republicans represent the most minor of minorities and yet still have power to control the conversation through their manipulations. The progressive Left have wised up and do not tolerate their intolerance. One can only hope that other sensible conservatives and Republicans will grasp this as well and return the party to more moderate stances that are common to the majority of their membership. GayPatriotWest/Dan Blatt advocates that we should be tolerant of inmates running the asylum. Can this be anymore disturbing from someone who sounds like a gay conservative Miss Havisham, watching Clint Eastwood movies on end during the week, relaying an "if only" story about a marriage proposal gone sour because he "came out" as a conservative to obviously intolerant suitor?

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