Monday, April 6, 2009

GayPatriotWest - All in a Day's Work

How does he ever fit it into a day!?! The the posts of contempt against liberals, the constant surveying and quoting of biased right-wing media, the continual new ideas he has to come up with to support constantly debunked theories... I just don't know how he finds the time.

Whether it's calling critics Pavlovian dogs, or creating more and more special hurtles for gay men and women to be allowed to marry, to his hypocritical special criticism of nearly anything the President does despite facts to the contrary, I'm not sure where he finds the time. Such a rough life trying to complete his dissertation in mythology (!), watching those Tolkein movies or Narnia over and over, and _not_ dating since no one amazingly is interested in a gay Republican in his reddest of red enclaves of West Hollywood. Maybe he's doing work for his alumni associations - the schools that allowed him to claw his way from the bottom - Williams or Georgetown. Is anyone else confused at the odd little bubble our Mr. Blatt surrounds himself in?

Did I just hear a bell? Woof! woof!


Anonymous said...

Interesting blog! I always thought someone could do an entire blog poking fun at the denizens of "GayPatriot." Like most cons, Dan and Co. have become increasingly shrill since Obama's landslide victory. Poor Bruce must be sulking in a cave somewhere as his posts have become rarer since November. The really odd one there though is the disingenuous North Dallas Thirty who rails against same sex marriage advocates while displaying a leering obsession with the Folsom Street Fair.

Countervail said...

ND30 is one of the oddest ducks over there. He has the most amazing ability to pick random facts to establish a completely different construct than the average person. Like gay rights issues in general. In ND30 world, Democrats are worse on gay rights issues than Republicans because they don't accomplish everything they say they're going to instead of Republicans who won't do anything.

Like DADT - Democrats are to blame for that because a Democratic president signed the bill. That's completely ignoring that it was a compromise to Republicans who wanted to continue the outright ban (witch hunt) on gays in the military which would have continued if it hadn't been for Democrats pressing the issue.

It always follows that way Republicans=good (with amazingly complicated reasoning to that effect), Democrats=bad (by simply ignoring and/or twisting facts).