Wednesday, April 15, 2009

GayPatriot – The Tea Hostess Protests Too Much

I find it interesting how GayPatriotWest/Dan Blatt spends more time obfuscating the why and wherefore of Tea Bag Party protests around the country instead taking the opportunity to attack critics of the protests. Instead of showing the significance, if any, of the protests, he promotes the continued theme of the persecuted conservative and the deranged Left to negate reasoned debate and criticism.

He’s yet to address the “astroturf” aspect of the protests. Rather than acknowledge the significant corporate and specific conservative media sponsorship, he uses it to create hypothetical persecution of the Right:

Can you imagine how they would react if all conservative blogs repeated in unison that same mantra about the anti-Iraq War rallies, that they were not legitimate, merely made-to-order rallies orchestrated from the top down, that these people really didn’t oppose the war, they were merely goose-stepping to the instructions of the left-wing masters?

Was I not reading GayPatriot for so many years where they did that exact thing? How many posts are devoted to some sort of incestuous relationship between the MSM and critics of the war? George Soros as the dark overlord of the Left, Tim Gill and his silent infiltration of Log Cabin Republicans?

GayPatriotWest could also use these protests to counter arguments from the Left that note that President Obama has actually lowered taxes for most of the individuals attending these rallies and that the corporate tax rate that was raised is still lower than during the Reagan years. He could also take the opportunity to describe how lower taxes during an economic crisis is really the best thing to do despite the overwhelming agreement of financial experts on the Left and Right that acknowledge just the opposite. He could explain conservatives promoting policies that allowed the deficit to grow so large during the Bush presidency. He could even take the opportunity to describe how bank bailouts and stimulus is really hurting the country, again despite significant expert opinion and example in the form of the Great Depression to the opposite.

And while GayPatriotWest asks readers to “Show Respect for Tea Party Counterprotestors” it’s only so that Tea Party protestors do not display the illogical anger that’s fueling the protests to be recorded for the media. He’s not concerned about the rights of free speech and to gather afforded the counterprotestors. He just want to make sure they don’t make the Tea Party protestors look bad.

So GayPatriot spends his time on critics of the protests instead, posing that the Left suffers from the “goose-stepping” herd mentality mentioned above. They have an entire category of posts devoted to “Bush Hatred” exploring the idea that mental instability leads people on the left to mindlessly “demonize Bush, but deify Obama,” - “emotionally, leftist are stuck in middle school,” – and people like Andrew Sullivan, who have repudiated former more conservative viewpoints now suffer from “Stockholm Syndrome.”

Is it any wonder it’s difficult to take these protests seriously with both the protests and their champions operating from the fantasyland they seem to associate with the Left? Last year’s federal elections should have clearly shown the Right how out of step they are with mainstream America. These protests and GayPatriot’s convoluted support only reinforce that idea.

Conservatives, I think you’ve protested too much already.

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