Saturday, April 18, 2009

GayPatriot - GOProud Making Up Excuses for Hawkish Military Philosophy

GayPatriot/GOProud/Bruce Carroll is a chicken hawk dressed in sheep's clothing. He uses a noble sentiment to further very ignoble gay Republican advocacy. Let me explain.

Part of the new platform of the newly formed GOProud, the righter than Right, ultra-conservative political advocacy group* is a concept of advocating hawkish military action against "islamofascism." This is nothing new for conservatives, especially the neocon philosophy which finds itself aligned with. It's not new for Republicans, who were enablers through the entire Bush presidency. So it's absolutely not unusual to find it promoted by gay Republicans that make up and GOProud.

What is interesting is how they dress up their advocacy for hawkish military action. See, in the case of GOProud, they say their advocacy stems from the treatment of gay men and women in Muslim countries that are arrested and sentenced to death for homosexual behavior. A noble sentiment and one which most people can agree - we should be proactive in protecting gay men and women from such persecution. But in the case of GayPatriot, it's really not about protecting these people as much as military aggression and nation building in Muslim countries.

Do gay Republicans advocate laws that would protect gay men and women from religious persecution in Muslim countries? They advocate against non-discrimination laws for gay men and women in the US without advocating to rescind similar non-discrimination laws for religion. The answer would be no.

Do gay Republicans advocate international resolutions that would protect gay men and women from religious persecution in Muslim countries? They heartily advocated John Bolton as United Nations ambassador and promoted his effort to pull down the United Nations from the inside. It included blocking two pro-gay advocacy groups from receiving official non-governmental organization status in the United Nations. This was a move that was specifically advocated by and aligned the United States in this vote with China, Egypt and Iran. They mock President Obama signing a U.N. resolution advocating tolerance for gay men and women, the one President Bush refused to sign. The answer would be no.

The only answer they have to resolve the issue of persecution of gay men and women is military aggression. However, their priority first and foremost is military aggression against Muslim countries over protecting gay men and women in those countries. To be fair, they have faithfully reported instances of the execution of gay men and women in these countries. So have a host of left-leaning blogs and news outlets. However, for gay Republicans it's used as propaganda to help further their objective of military aggression.

They don't report or advocate the same kinds of policies within the United States. specifically does not post or comment on hate crimes of gay men and women in the United States except as an excuse to advocate against hate crimes legislation. They do not report instances of discrimination except to advocate against anti-discrimination laws. They call efforts like GLSEN's Day of Silence campaign "silly" and protect the closeted status of lawmakers that advocate laws to lessen then protections of gay men and women in this country.

Do not be fooled by the sheep's clothing., its writers, GOProud and gay Republicans are first and foremost reactionary, hawkish neocons. It was this deception of intention that helped lead us into the Iraq occupation and would lead us into further unnecessary military aggression under the guise of aid to gay men and women in Islamic countries.

* I will not describe GOProud as a gay organization since it's clear their objectives are to further Republican policy without regard to gay issues.

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