Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dear GayPatriot

Your tiny violin is out of tune and the song is repetitive and discordant.


Ian S said...

His violin may be out of tune but his head's bound to explode once it's pointed out to him that his beloved Rudy Giuliani was a no-show at his gay buddies' wedding and that Joe the Plumber apparently considers him a pedophile and unfit to be around children.

Countervail said...

Oh you know he'll justify it somehow. Give him time. :-)

Ian S said...

BTW, isn't he supposed to be doing a dissertation? Yet he seems to spend all his time babbling on the blog. Why, Bruce has been reduced virtually to a dingleberry on his own blog!

When I was doing my dissertation, I had little time for anything else. But then I was doing one in engineering not mythology so the requirements may be different. Still, I have a feeling that it's not going that well and that he's using the blog to escape reality.