Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Because of the Tea Bag Parties, the Left’s “Anger Reaches Fever Pitch?”

Am I missing something? Where is this “fever pitched anger?”

I’ve seen an incredible amount of mocking for the concept of tea bagging. I’ve seen a number of articles investigating real motives behind the protest and how irrelevant the purported motives were.

But I don’t see the anger, especially not “fever pitched anger.” I watched the Keith Olbermann interview of Janeane Garofalo Byron York (of the Washington Examiner*) cites as an example of the “anger” of the left. Garofalo and Olbermann were both pretty snide. They were very serious. They laid it out flat. It’s what’s known on the Right as straight talk. And Garofalo’s argument was more a rambling statement of belief than proffering facts for basis of her sentiment. But I’m hard pressed to see how they were “angry” when they were laughing at the end of the article about the absurdity of the protests.

The only other article GayPatriotWest/Dan Blatt offers as proof of this “fever pitched anger” is a link to a blog called Protein Wisdom (insert your own joke here). And Protein Wisdom also only references the Byron York article. So GayPatriot basis his entire thesis of “fever pitched anger” on one article in the biased Washington Examiner about one MSNBC television interview.

You can view the video below and judge for yourself instead of using GayPatriotWest’s biased prism for comparison. York’s article is as much rambling and unfounded hypothesis as Garofalo’s.

Projecting much?

* when I went to the Washington Examiner website, a full length ad just below the main masthead was for Ann Coulter. Surely not much bias there.

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Ian S said...

Well, of course Protein Wisdom is the realm of one so stupid that Atrios envisions him as a paste eater:

Frankly, I think the "anger" Dan imagines is simply a projection of the anger that the teabaggers and their supporters feel at being mocked so mercilessly for their "silly stunt" to adopt Dan's own phraseology.