Monday, March 30, 2009

Respecting the Privacy of Politicians Families? GayPatriotWest Thinks Not

So GayPatriotWest/Dan Blatt is all in a blather lately that the press is giving a pass to Ashley Biden, daughter of Vice President Joe Biden for supposedly snorting cocaine at a party recently. Seems a fellow party-goer took a cameraphone movie of what is purported to be Ashley doing drugs and engaged a lawyer to try to shop the video around to the news outlets for a profit. Dan of course goes off on one of his "Republicans/conservatives are treated unfairly by the liberal MSM" rants ending in some drivel attempting to make his Master's degree in mythology relevant. But there's a difference here that Dan of course doesn't want to broach else his argument would completely fall apart.

  • Ashley Biden is a legal adult. The Bush twins were underage when purported partaking of alcoholic beverages (19 years old). Ashley is in her late 20s. And Jenna was cited two times in less than 5 weeks.
  • The video was taken at a private event. The Bush twins were in cited in public behavior at public estabishements.
  • It's still not been established if it really is Ashley Biden. The video apparently is hard to see, so much that one of the outlets it was being pushed to refused to purchase it after just a few seconds of review. And she obviously was not arrested by the police for the alleged incident unlike the Bush twins.
  • Joe Biden is not considered dogmatic about the issue of drugs. He has certainly been part of legislation opposing drug use but it's not a cause with which he's primarily associated. And while he highlighted some of his accomplishments in tht area on the campaign trail, it was never a primary reason for anyone to vote for him.

    However, Governor Palin is a champion of the pro-life movement and abstinence education especially highlighted during the campaign. It was one of the tenets her entire presence in the campaign relied on. The irony in the Governor's daughter becoming pregnant as a teenager and then later acknowledging her status as a single mother couldn't highlight the disparity of the Governor's ideals and reality more. The Governor was using the issue to secure votes. It's therefore in the public interest to highlight her public philosophy against her private circumstances.
  • Again, Governor Palin's daughter was only 17, not a legal adult, and still the legal responsibility of the Governor and her husband.
  • Oh and Mary Cheney, who actually was an adult, was a paid employee for the Vice Presidential nominee, serving in an official position, acting as a public representative for this candidate and urging you to vote for the party who routinely attempts to institutionalize discrimination of gay men and women. She was absolutely fair game for criticism.
I'd urge you to read Craig Crawford's "Anatomy of a Hit Job" posted at CQ Politics for more about what an ugly smear job this was intended to be. Highlights include the videographer's lawyer dropping him as a client and how every outlet approached has refused to purchase the video. It's rather clear that the video couldn't stand a test of veracity and that both the newspapers reporting on the situation are merely speculating without proof.

I think they all better hope that Ashley Biden isn't the litigious type.

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