Wednesday, March 25, 2009

GayPatriot - "a plea for civil discourse?"

This has got to be the most ridiculous and phony post GayPatriotWest/Dan Blatt has EVER posted.

I know of numerous individuals, representing liberal viewpoints, that have been permanently banned or simply walked away from the dialogue. They are usually the targets of the very UNCIVIL (and uninformed) discourse regular posters are regularly allowed to express. When said target finally responds in kind to the regular cackle of conservative hyenas there, they are then banned for violating the site's code of ethics. Convenient and yet absolutely predictable.

Just look at the very first response to this post which calls President Obama "Chairman Obama." There is nothing that starts off a civil dialogue by mocking the leader of our nation as a communist. The rest of the comment thread then just devolves into infighting and justification for their own ugly behavior.

And as a follow-up to a post from yesterday disparaging the President as a "deceiver" sending out his "minions," how in any sense does that lay a groundwork for "civil" discourse.

Way to go! Stay classy!

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