Tuesday, March 24, 2009

GayPatriot Is Ridunculous!

So GayPatriot (mostly in the form of GayPatriotWest - Dan Blatt) is off the deep end generally now. Ever since the election, the victimhood meter has been off the scale. The "Mainstream Media" is forever giving the President a pass, conservative's message is being deliberately ignored, and the conspiracy theory of the world against conservatives is raging full on. Some examples? News organizations are deliberately ignoring the "tea party" protests (which I've seen rarely bring out more than a few thousand people at best); Emmanuel Rahm should be fired because he's injecting partisan politics into the White House (and that of course has never happened before); and FDR understood the "Threat of Fascism" (unlike say our current administration but totally like Jonah Goldberg). See in GayPatriot world, people like Andrew Sullivan, who has expressed more mainstream viewpoints lately, is submitting to peer pressure or suffering from Stockholm Syndrome or something. It just couldn't be that he's had a moment of enlightment or change of heart or any other rational, non-partisan, explanation.

It would be funny if they didn't take it so seriously over at GayPatriot. It's one thing to see Dan at least try to logically support his particular brand of conservative cuckoo. But his commentors are deliberately illogical, derogatory and just plain vicious. In full disclosure I've been generally banned from commenting on the site. Their commenting policy is akin to the elections in North Korea. But for all the complaining they note about derogatory liberals, they definitely have not learned from the experience. For example, when President Bush was in office, dissenters were "Bush Haters." But when they use racial epithets and derogatory language to describe President Obama ("Dear Leader," the "Oprah-fied White House," "King Obama," ad nauseum) his wife or any of their circle of friends and supporters, it's "patriotism" of the highest order.

Ridunkulous! And I would be inclined to let it go if the intellectual dishonesty, derogatory manner, and outright hypocrisy weren't so personally offensive. See I think more gay men and women would actually support certain conservative concepts if it didn't come wrapped up in a holier than though flag that's such a litmus test over at GayPatriot.

Gaypatriot = +

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