Monday, March 30, 2009

Respecting the Privacy of Politicians Families? GayPatriotWest Thinks Not

So GayPatriotWest/Dan Blatt is all in a blather lately that the press is giving a pass to Ashley Biden, daughter of Vice President Joe Biden for supposedly snorting cocaine at a party recently. Seems a fellow party-goer took a cameraphone movie of what is purported to be Ashley doing drugs and engaged a lawyer to try to shop the video around to the news outlets for a profit. Dan of course goes off on one of his "Republicans/conservatives are treated unfairly by the liberal MSM" rants ending in some drivel attempting to make his Master's degree in mythology relevant. But there's a difference here that Dan of course doesn't want to broach else his argument would completely fall apart.

  • Ashley Biden is a legal adult. The Bush twins were underage when purported partaking of alcoholic beverages (19 years old). Ashley is in her late 20s. And Jenna was cited two times in less than 5 weeks.
  • The video was taken at a private event. The Bush twins were in cited in public behavior at public estabishements.
  • It's still not been established if it really is Ashley Biden. The video apparently is hard to see, so much that one of the outlets it was being pushed to refused to purchase it after just a few seconds of review. And she obviously was not arrested by the police for the alleged incident unlike the Bush twins.
  • Joe Biden is not considered dogmatic about the issue of drugs. He has certainly been part of legislation opposing drug use but it's not a cause with which he's primarily associated. And while he highlighted some of his accomplishments in tht area on the campaign trail, it was never a primary reason for anyone to vote for him.

    However, Governor Palin is a champion of the pro-life movement and abstinence education especially highlighted during the campaign. It was one of the tenets her entire presence in the campaign relied on. The irony in the Governor's daughter becoming pregnant as a teenager and then later acknowledging her status as a single mother couldn't highlight the disparity of the Governor's ideals and reality more. The Governor was using the issue to secure votes. It's therefore in the public interest to highlight her public philosophy against her private circumstances.
  • Again, Governor Palin's daughter was only 17, not a legal adult, and still the legal responsibility of the Governor and her husband.
  • Oh and Mary Cheney, who actually was an adult, was a paid employee for the Vice Presidential nominee, serving in an official position, acting as a public representative for this candidate and urging you to vote for the party who routinely attempts to institutionalize discrimination of gay men and women. She was absolutely fair game for criticism.
I'd urge you to read Craig Crawford's "Anatomy of a Hit Job" posted at CQ Politics for more about what an ugly smear job this was intended to be. Highlights include the videographer's lawyer dropping him as a client and how every outlet approached has refused to purchase the video. It's rather clear that the video couldn't stand a test of veracity and that both the newspapers reporting on the situation are merely speculating without proof.

I think they all better hope that Ashley Biden isn't the litigious type.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

GayPatriot Finds New Excuses to Criticize Democrats; Excuse Republicans

Ah the hypocrisy continues over at GayPatriot. Today we have two new posts criticizing Democrats on issues the Republican majority failed to undertake for eight years.

First in the disparaging "When Are the Grownups Coming Home" GayPatriotWest/Dan Blatt fantasizes that if only we had mature, responsible people, a la Republicans or conservatives, in government we could finally have mature, responsible government, not an "amateur hour" at the White House.

He sites the number of unfilled positions in the Treasury department, and that the Presidential Economic Recovery Advisory Board failing to meet yet as examples of this. Also somehow the President is sloughing off responsibility by noting how we got where we are.

It would be nice for one if Dan had asked these same questions, oh I don't know, through the last eight years or so. Regarding the Treasury department, as some have noted how "maddening" the vetting process is, if only Dan had asked this of Republicans as attorneys were fired and hired in the Justice Department. The Treasury department could use the same modus operandi as the Bush Administration, and install partisan hacks instead of considering an ethical and thorough review of the candidates.

And the reports about the blue ribbon committee indicate that the process for the committee is proceeding and that informal gatherings have taken place. But rather than highlight the committee was generally only set to convene "about once a month" having been formed six weeks ago, Dan cites the gotcha story from Politico and other sources from Pajamas Media as authoritative voices. If only he'd criticized the previous administration in the same manner about not heeding the recommendations of the Iraq Study Group we surely would have helped that desert flower of democracy bloom by now and our troops would be home.

And finally, what most irks me most about GayPatriotWest's assessment is that the President shirking duty by noting the path that led to our current situation. It's fact that during the first six years of the Bush administration that Republicans were fully and overwhelmingly in the majority. They had an overt opportunity to change the practices that led to the economic meltdown. Even in the two years of Democratic house majority of the Bush administration, Republicans used procedural methods to regularly block any kind of movement on any legislative reform of anything they didn't support. The spike in use of filibusters is unprecedented by Republicans. The President Obama started his own knowledge of economics issues well before being elected, convening experts to begin examining problems and working toward solutions before ever stepping into his new role. Where was Dan then? Why wasn't he accusing Republican leadership of shirking their duties by allowing the housing bubble to occur in the first place? Why wasn't Dan fully criticizing his own Republican candidate ("I Don't Know Much About the Economy" McCain) for not being more informed about economic policies and having realistic and proven solutions to deal with them?

Would you like some whine with your cheese?

Oh and by the way Dan, if you ever happen to read this, grownups check their spelling before posting ridiculous partisan criticisms.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

GayPatriot - "a plea for civil discourse?"

This has got to be the most ridiculous and phony post GayPatriotWest/Dan Blatt has EVER posted.

I know of numerous individuals, representing liberal viewpoints, that have been permanently banned or simply walked away from the dialogue. They are usually the targets of the very UNCIVIL (and uninformed) discourse regular posters are regularly allowed to express. When said target finally responds in kind to the regular cackle of conservative hyenas there, they are then banned for violating the site's code of ethics. Convenient and yet absolutely predictable.

Just look at the very first response to this post which calls President Obama "Chairman Obama." There is nothing that starts off a civil dialogue by mocking the leader of our nation as a communist. The rest of the comment thread then just devolves into infighting and justification for their own ugly behavior.

And as a follow-up to a post from yesterday disparaging the President as a "deceiver" sending out his "minions," how in any sense does that lay a groundwork for "civil" discourse.

Way to go! Stay classy!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"GayPatriot » Rahm Must Go, Continued" Must he? Says who?

So apparently GayPatriotWest/Dan thinks his criteria for Chief of Staff overrides that of the POTUS himself.

Can anyone take GayPatriotWest/Dan seriously when most of the links he uses to support his supposition are to the echochamber of Pajamas Media or Duchess of Hyperpartisan Hyprbolic Hypocrisy Michelle Malkin? What's even more funny (or sad depending on your viewpoint) is how he links to mainstream media sources giving the impression they also support his supposition and they usually don't.

GayPatriotWest Continues Using Disparaging Epithets (that make you laugh)

So now the President is a "deceiver" with "minions." I think GayPatriotWest/Dan's imagination, so filled with images of Lord of the Rings and other fantasy books sometimes has trouble separating reality from his own personal perspective.

GayPatriot Is Ridunculous!

So GayPatriot (mostly in the form of GayPatriotWest - Dan Blatt) is off the deep end generally now. Ever since the election, the victimhood meter has been off the scale. The "Mainstream Media" is forever giving the President a pass, conservative's message is being deliberately ignored, and the conspiracy theory of the world against conservatives is raging full on. Some examples? News organizations are deliberately ignoring the "tea party" protests (which I've seen rarely bring out more than a few thousand people at best); Emmanuel Rahm should be fired because he's injecting partisan politics into the White House (and that of course has never happened before); and FDR understood the "Threat of Fascism" (unlike say our current administration but totally like Jonah Goldberg). See in GayPatriot world, people like Andrew Sullivan, who has expressed more mainstream viewpoints lately, is submitting to peer pressure or suffering from Stockholm Syndrome or something. It just couldn't be that he's had a moment of enlightment or change of heart or any other rational, non-partisan, explanation.

It would be funny if they didn't take it so seriously over at GayPatriot. It's one thing to see Dan at least try to logically support his particular brand of conservative cuckoo. But his commentors are deliberately illogical, derogatory and just plain vicious. In full disclosure I've been generally banned from commenting on the site. Their commenting policy is akin to the elections in North Korea. But for all the complaining they note about derogatory liberals, they definitely have not learned from the experience. For example, when President Bush was in office, dissenters were "Bush Haters." But when they use racial epithets and derogatory language to describe President Obama ("Dear Leader," the "Oprah-fied White House," "King Obama," ad nauseum) his wife or any of their circle of friends and supporters, it's "patriotism" of the highest order.

Ridunkulous! And I would be inclined to let it go if the intellectual dishonesty, derogatory manner, and outright hypocrisy weren't so personally offensive. See I think more gay men and women would actually support certain conservative concepts if it didn't come wrapped up in a holier than though flag that's such a litmus test over at GayPatriot.

Gaypatriot = +

Do you have any interesting GayPatriot anecdotes to share? Let me know!