Friday, November 21, 2008

All Things Gay and Republican

Just a few items that caught my attention lately either gay, Republican, or gay Republican.

  • Kathleen Parker continues to point out what those on the left have known for years, the Religious Right is dead weight for Republicans and alienating other constituencies of the party. As she notes, it "isn't that culture doesn't matter." But rather that the Republican party and conservatism "will die out unless religion is returned to the privacy of one's heart where it belongs" What a novel concept - religion in your heart and not on your sleeve (or your politics). What will those clever Republican/conservatives come up with next? It's not like James Madison had this concern during the creation of our country or anything... oh wait, he did.
  • GayPatriotWest, in his usual conservative boy in a bubble viewpoint, calls on gay leaders working on the No on Prop 8 effort to resign, because they lost the vote. Apparently, in his mind, it was a deliberate way to keep their jobs by losing, gay leaders are not introspective enough, No on 8 people are filled with insane rage, juvenile and sore losers, and if only they were more like conservative leaders they would have done better.

    Now I know he lives in California and is a conservative website, but about half of his posts since starting to write about the controversy are about the issue and do nothing but criticize the people fighting for marriage rights in the state. Does anyone else find that curious? This is someone but his own admission isn't in a long-term relationship and constantly whines about being rebuffed by guys for his politics. He overlooks issue like the Mormon church, based in Utah, contributing over half of the millions of dollars spent on the Yes on 8 campaign, overlooks the amount of money the Mormon church has spent in other states on similar efforts, nor does he criticize the scare tactics used in the advertising and marketing of the issue, demonizing gay men and women. He doesn't highlight the fact that in this vote the result was much better than in the past. He doesn't criticize Yes on 8 folks for not highlighting the option of civil unions instead of marriage. In fact, as a gay person, he gives the whole Yes on 8 campaign a complete wash and only criticizes the No on 8 effort. I know constantly rails against the whole self-loathing meme critics of the site portray but especially on this subject there's not a lot of support against that criticism.
  • And to round out the gay, Republican, or both theme, once again we turn to GayPatriotWest who has a particular bug up his butt (pun intended) about the whole eHarmony gay lawsuit controversy. So it seems some cranky-ass gay guy sued eHarmony cause he couldn't use the service to find guys to date. To me, it's kind of a duh sentiment. eHarmony is still a private company and for now sexual orientation is still not a federally protected class. The company was under no real legal pressure to settle, but it seems they may be planning an IPO and it also gives them a "I have no control over it" way to create a gay equivalent or component to eHarmony without offending either their conservative consumers, board or potential investors.

    But that wasn't good enough for GayPatriotWest. He of course, as his current call to arms, wants the heads of the gay leadership for not commenting on the issue. He somehow extrapolates that that's because they're worried that people will begin suing for equal access to gay dating sites. That's ignoring the fact that many "straight" people use these sites already. I say if straight guys want to find hookups with straight women on a site called "Manhunt" with all their advertising of guys in slings and leather gear, they should go for it!

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